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                                       A blessed, healthy & happy new year!  

It's 2014!  We're speeding into a Light-filled future where we are encouraged to be all that we can be.  The universe is
daily offering us the opportunity
to Serve, to Love, to Give and we, my friends, have much work to do.

How do we serve?  And you might be asking the same thing. For me, after forty years of studies, seminars, and
training, my service has been to offer some of the knowledge I've collected along the way by hosting the Women's
Meditation Group for the past 8 years, by offering ceremonies honoring mother earth and each other during the
sacred passing of each season and by teaching seminars and classes as the need and interest arises.  

How do we Love?  The short answer is to smile and in that smile offer hope to everyone I meet.  We are all in this
together and much more alike than we are different, so simply offer each other compassion, good wishes and the
knowing that we can do anything we put our minds to.

How do we give?  For each of us this answer will make itself known, but remember if you're short on cash, give of
yourself, your talent or your time.

Lastly, remember just how lucky we are to be alive.  Live as if you always know this.  Remember, it really is  easier to
live in happiness than in sadness, and if it's all arising and falling anyway, why not choose happiness. I heard the Dalai
Lama speak about kindness a few years ago. He said, "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples. No
need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is the temple. The philosophy is kindness and
compassion." He also said it's easier to sleep with that type of inner peace. So with the Dalai Lama's words echoing I
choose to live with that purpose. To be kind and loving; to live with joy; to live with purpose; to live with conscience;
and to remember, this too shall pass.  


                                                  Siesta Key PBS Special

The Siesta Key Special that was shown on PBS WEDU on May 31, 2012 is available to watch online.  This special
highlights the "other aspects" of Siesta Key beyond the sun, surf and beach parties.  In this program, the drumming,
the Vortex, The Grandmother Tree and the sacredness and healing properties of our crystal beach are honored.

The program is called Diamonds Along The Highway, produced by Gus Mollasis and is 28 minutes long.  Gus
interviews or features Marguerite Barnett and Shawn Bowen at the drumming circle, Mic McManus, Zan Benham,
Patricia Cockerill and Jo Mooy.

                                     The link to this video was removed due to licensing problems.  
                                               It is hoped the program will be available again soon.  


                UPCOMING WINTER/SPRING                                         
                                                            2014 SAVE THE DATES:

              Winter Solstice - Dec 21-23, 2014
                                                           (For details see
Women's Meditations)


             Women's Meditation Group

    Since the first gathering of eight women in January 2006, the women's
    meditation group has grown to more than 400 women, meeting twice a
    month on the Friday closest to the New and Full moons.   As we enter our
    8th year, our meditations  continue for the purpose of holding the highest
    vision for planetary and human healing.  

    The 2013 season will usher in a higher consciousness day by day and the
    women who participate in our bi-monthly gatherings will add their personal
    vision, hopes and dreams for a world filled with love, compassion and good
    for all.  

    This past year, the Women's Meditations once again saw an increase in
    attendance with many new faces finding the group for the first time.  With  
    meditation leaders from different spiritual centers bringing variety and
    choice to our gatherings, we honor the richness and diversity of the
    world's many spiritual paths.  We hope you'll continue to join us at Rising
    Tide Spiritual Center as we celebrate the inner life and hold the vision for
    the highest good of planet earth and her inhabitants!

    The doors open at 6:30 pm to allow new friends and old to visit for a few
    minutes before we enter into the silence.   Please arrive on time as the
    doors are closed and locked at 7pm when the meditation begins.   

                                                         Please refer to
Women's Meditation Tab for specific details

Rising Tide is at 5102 Swift Road Sarasota, FL; just 6 short blocks south of Proctor on the west side of the

Free Yoga Nidra - Healing Light Download
     As a service to our community, we have a 50 minute Yoga Nidra Meditation for your enjoyment
     and benefit.  Please click this
HEALING LIGHT LINK to listen,  May you be well and Happy.

Summer 2014
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